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ECCLEAN Company Ltd. is the exclusive distribution partner of the Swedish production company. Blue & Green AB. Our goal is to offer the customers and business partners not only extensive portfolio of Blue & Green products, but also comprehensive customer support. Blue & Green has great experience with the development of new cleaning and protection concepts. Products fully comply with the latest standards and needs of our clients, as well as the whole society. Laboratory and production facilities in Landskrona are the subject of strict Swedish standards


Swedish business culture is based on the long-term protection of the environment. Blue & Green develops the products in such a way, that they are not only highly effective, but they also do not destroy the environment. Proper selection of our products, combination of them, and methods of their use extend the life of cleaned areas, shorten the cleaning time and reduce the frequency of required cleaning cycles.


We supply not only chemicals, but also special technical equipment for cleaning. We provide services, consulting, support for our customers and partners (education, training, customized project solutions, costing, sales and marketing materials, etc.). We are ready to solve each cleaning problem, in which is our client involved and that is the reason, why we are a flexible, stable and long-term partner for your business, organization, establishment or local self-government.

The Company History


History of the Swedish production company Blue & Green dates back to 1967, when Rolf Johansson started the family business HIAB AB, which was developing and distributing cleaning products for manufactures, factories, car cleaning and for the printing industry. In 1988 his son Richard Johansson entered the family business. In 2007 the production company Blue & Green AB with a focus on delivering products for the manufacturing, logistics, cleaning of vehicles for public and freight transportation, facilities, fuel stations and products for cleaning graffiti was established and Richard Johansson became the main developer of the company. The company is active in the Scandinavian markets and also in selected end-customers in the transport sector in other EU countries. Today Blue & Green AB is planning an exclusive cooperation with ECCLEAN Ltd. It implements expansion into new markets through exclusive distribution policy.


The Company Policy


Best Performance


We offer the best quality products based on our own innovative formulas with high cleaning power and maximum gentleness for the treatment of surfaces. By combining the right products with the appropriate dilution we can deal with all types of dirt.


Eco Thinking


Most of our products are water-based. In development, we focus on maximum utilization of the finest "green surfactants". Combining of these two elements we minimize the impact of cleaning the environment, which for us is a top priority - that is why we are Blue & Green.






Problem Solvers


We solve complex problems easily and effectively. We are a reliable partner for solving of any cleaning related problems.



Blue & Green company cooperates with a number of major companies worldwide. Thanks to the unique products we have positive references from companies who we have helped with cleaning problems through companies that we have saved significant resources by protective solutions, and companies that have become our long-term business partners. Join them in the list, the strongest players in the market.



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